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Using a local ‘marketing consultant’ to provide content and event support in the UK


Interfolio launched its academic decision-making platform in 2012 to support shared governance and committee decisions. Today, Interfolio has grown to support the entire lifecycle of the academic staff career, from activity, decision, and data from hiring through promotion. With the addition of a system for academic activity reporting and accreditation, Interfolio offers the most comprehensive, user-friendly technology in higher education to over 300 clients worldwide.

To drive their international expansion Interfolio wanted to work with a UK-based marketing consultant who could provide marketing support in several areas. The project involved attending a workshop which was partnered with King’s College London. The session brought together experts in equality, diversity, and inclusion (‘EDI’) to discuss how technology can play a role. The brief was to collate all the participant’s ideas, knowledge and insights and to provide a follow-up blog post. At the same time, they wanted me to provide general event support, networking and developing social media posts.


The assignment encompassed providing event support; set up, break down and networking. It also included creating social posts before, during and after the event. Most importantly, I captured detailed notes of the conversations that took place. With the session being highly interactive and discussion-based, it was crucial to take comprehensive notes. I also evidenced the brainstorming by taking photographs. Following the workshop, I identified the main points, including the three recurring themes that emerged from the day. In order to draft a blog post, these themes formed the basis of the structure. The blog was published to the company website and promoted via social channels as a post-event follow up.

Why Abstract Marketing?

The reason that Interfolio approached me was that they wanted somebody who could listen and extract key points from a full day of discussion and brainstorming. They wanted me to turn all of the insight into a very articulate post-event blog post to help them drive international expansion.

Blog | Takeaways from Interfolio’s workshop on academic diversity

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Interfolio Blog | International Expansion
International Expansion Blog Post
"We had everything we needed, thank you for all your help."

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