Going beyond our comfort zones

The benefits of my approach

I was once told that as an athlete, I would have a disciplined approach, mindset and attitude which was beneficial in the workplace. Later, I found out why this was important. I did not know it at the time, but my work ethic, would help me as much, if not more, off the road as it would on it.

As I started to think more about my approach to how I work, the thoughts and commonalities began to take hold.

The power of planning

At Abstract Marketing I refer to a strategic and planned approach, and this compares to how we prepare the body and mind to perform. It is no coincidence that those athletes, who have the same routines before every race, go onto to perform at their best. “A growing body of research1 suggests that, far beyond simple superstitions, these routines have a profound impact on the internal workings of the body and brain. Routines “prime” us for our personal best”. I operate in the same way. By substituting routines for established processes and meticulous planning, I set myself up with the best chance to succeed.

Tenacity to succeed

Embarking on new projects can be difficult. By this, I am referring to the entire process of understanding the problem, through to execution. It can be daunting, depending on the complexity of the problem, the volume of work, or the time involved. It made me look at how I embrace these situations. What I found is that I draw upon my strong work ethic and tenacity which encapsulates my mindset as an athlete and a worker. One of the parallels is my innate ability to perform relentlessly, even in the midst of failure until I succeed. Rarely or never do I give up.

Going beyond our comfort zones 

I often leave my comfort zone. I get tasked with different problems that need solving every day. When one avenue is blocked, I will always seek another path to success. If I need to learn a new skill, I will learn. Likewise, in comparing to an athlete, if my physical strength has given out, I learn to work smarter, not harder. As I learn to become more effective, I become more efficient. I want you to feel confident that you can work with somebody who has the outlook to embrace the uncomfortable situations so that everything goes smoothly.

Harnessing creativity

Daily, I call upon a variety of skills. I use my creativity, cognitive and visual design skills to work on all types of projects. To be at my best, I alternate between periods of intense work and rest. To liken this to running is easy. When you load the body or mind and follow this with adequate recovery, you can optimise progress. This pattern of effort yields physical, cognitive, and emotional breakthroughs where it is possible to observe the results. Moreover, if I need a mental boost, 35 minutes of moderately intense running, is enough to prime my brain for peak performance which contributes to cognitive functioning and surge in creativity.

Typically, the most significant benefits by far are achieved by repetition and consistency. As an athlete or at work, the key to underlying success demands patience, and most of all, hard work. I know that when I stick to the same routine, have a sense of purpose and trust established processes it will drive my success and ability to deliver quality work for all of my clients.

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Penny Thorn