abstract thinking

What’s in the name Abstract?

I get asked by clients why the name Abstract. It’s a good question and one that takes on several meanings. Let me explain its origin.

Definition of abstract in English:


Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.

The definition of “abstract” can mean, “Existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence.1” This meaning resonates with the core of what I do as a business. I regularly work with clients who come to me with a blank sheet of paper. They approach me with what I would describe as an ‘abstract’ idea. They provide the bare bones of the problem they need solving. I typically find that they need help to add clarity to their thoughts or bring an idea to life. Some clients don’t have time to think beyond a verbal brief. They want to offload and have the confidence that an abstract idea can become concrete action.

Here at Abstract Marketing, I make the time to talk with my clients, understand their needs and transform their briefs. In fact, I turn their briefs into something that drives action or makes it easier for their audience to understand. The essence of how I approach any project is by my investigative nature, and exceptional ability to understand and interpret the client’s needs. I do all of this with a focus that is only possible with my undivided attention and ability to think and act creatively at a strategic and tactical level.

Thinking differently

I also refer to “abstract” in how I think. I think differently. I think outside of the box, and I make things happen. Many of my clients seek end-to-end marketing programmes which require a combination of disciplines such as strategy and planning, content, creative, digital and marketing automation. They want to be able to confidently outsource marketing programmes to a single vendor without having to oversee multiple relationships. At Abstract Marketing I help clients by combining my creative, technical and content marketing capabilities, along with industry experience to address their whole project from start to finish.

Representing an accurate depiction of a visual reality

Finally, Abstract, as we know, is an art term. It can represent an “accurate depiction of a visual reality using shapes, colours, forms, textures and gestural marks to achieve its effect2. In a world where attention spans are short and time-constrained, it goes without saying that a well-conceived visualisation can tell a thousand words. My clients come to me wanting help to explain their subject matter quickly, communicate more straightforwardly, and find creative solutions to help them stand out. I work with my clients to devise content that uses the power of visuals – by abstracting essential information. I help them to communicate complex knowledge in simple and engaging ways. By working closely with my clients, I am able to produce print and digital experiences that are intuitive, empathetic and on-brand.

So, this is the meaning of abstract and how the business was named. I hope you like it!

Penny Thorn