Tips to produce a case study from a webinar

How to maximise the value and reach of your webinar content

One of the most engaging types of webinar formats in today’s digital space is the Case Study Webinar. It’s a perfect format to bring your client stories to life, enabling you to interview them or let them talk about their experience in a live session.

However, a key challenge of hosting any type of webinar is not only getting your audience to register but getting them to attend. And then, it’s reaching those who didn’t attend or have time to listen to the recording.

Expect between 35% to 45% of those who registered to actually turn up to the live event. Many of those who sign up, will end up as no-shows on the day.

If your audience has more urgent tasks and is time-strapped, listening to a recorded session will eventually drop off their “to-do list.” What’s more, if you are hoping that they will engage with a simple follow-up and a recording, you could risk losing your client’s story.

With only 25% viewing a recorded session post-event, relatively few of those who registered, will turn up live or watch the recording.*
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The solution

So, what if your clients could go to your website or get a follow-up email where they could access a short case study from the webinar? It could say, “Sorry you couldn’t make it. We’ve listened to the webinar and distilled the key points that you can read at your convenience.”

Firstly, sharing the story in a written format can make it easier for your audience to digest and establish key insights from the webinar. Furthermore, you can reach a broader audience, especially those who didn’t have time to listen to the recording.

You can also use the story in multiple ways. As well as being a follow-up to the webinar, it can form part of your content marketing strategy. For example, you can use the story in a nurture campaign, or on your website to generate leads. And, you can also share them as testimonials on your social media channels.

The very best case studies all have one thing in common: great storytelling.
Tips to produce a case study from a webinar

Why is a webinar the perfect time to capture your client’s story?

Successfully promoting a webinar, picking the perfect time to host it, having your attendees, and delivering the session takes considerable time. Making the most of your own marketing team’s efforts, and your client’s time is essential.

After all, your client will have developed a carefully crafted narrative, so you can use this to structure the story after the webinar. And, you won’t need to spend time scheduling a separate interview.

Tips to produce a case study from a webinar

Make a project plan

Plan your webinar programme carefully. Think about the topic, client, speaker, date, and promotions, along with assigning owners and timescales.

Choosing a client

Remember your audience is relying on you to bring them valid insight, credible expertise, and meaningful advice on a topic. The goal of running the webinar is not to sell your solution but to showcase a solution to a problem or challenge.

Speakers need to have a proper narrative that includes the problem and shows the results or outcome that they generated and this needs to be prepped ahead of time. Typically, the story will answer some of the questions that your audience needs to address to solve some of their own unique institutional challenges.

Think about which of your clients have a story that can deliver all of this.

Producing the story

Decide who from your marketing team will attend the webinar, listen to the session, capture quotes, research the topic, and write up the case study. This also involves tasks such as preparing a transcript, creating a structure, making edits, and seeking internal approval.

Finally, once your client has approved the story, publish and promote it across all of your marketing channels.

What if you don’t have time?

Storytelling is perfect for outsourcing where you can work with a content writer to discuss your brief and key messaging.

Need help?

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